Overcoming Injuries

Sports Massage and other manual therapy techniques are an excellent choice for better recovery. Whether the injury happened in a sporting environment or not, the treatment you receive is aimed at keeping the recovery process as swift as possible and avoiding future complications due to compensations our body can make.

This may be the first time the injury has happened or it maybe reoccurring for the past few years. In either case, manual therapy is an excellent choice and due to the vast experience of treating injuries, the advice you receive will be safe and effective.

So impressed by Steve at the Dartmoor Training Camp. He watched my cycling position and gave me corrective exercises to do. His post-ride massages helped me to complete the camp. Highly recommended!

April 2019- Facebook review 5*

SW Health & Wellbeing bases itself on the key principle that the best treatment is a mix of hands on treatment alongside the correct exercises to maintain these changes long term. Every treatment will finish with a specific exercise plan for you to maximise the benefits of the hands on techniques. More information about Exercise Therapy can be found here.