Virtual Online Rehab

Get all of the experience and exercise advice of SW Health & Wellbeing whilst Lockdown holds us from normal life a little longer!

How will a virtual treatment work?

Is virtual rehab as good as face to face treatment?

The virtual rehab approach is born out of necessity. You will still receive all the benefits of a professional initial assessment and treatment plan just without direct hands on therapy until a suitable time if it is required at all!. This has been reflected in the price but the quality of advice is still as of high quality as in normal clinic.

You will be sent an invite to a video call on a platform that suits you best. As long as you have a camera phone, laptop or computer set up with a webcam we are good to go! We go through the same testing procedure that I would normally follow in clinic. This is often an even better option as it doesn’t matter where you live and I have a wider time availability of appointments. Each session will cover:

  • History of your problem and other relevant medical history
  • Testing of joint movement, strength and function
  • Clear screening for any issues that need to be seen by your GP
  • Treatment plan devised around your issue and time availability
  • Periodised training plan to put you in control of your own progress and management in the future

Where hands on therapy would be used, we will place greater emphasis on the stretching and exercise routine. This will still be professionally put together and sent to you to engage in at home. The training sessions are kept specific to your needs and level of condition. It is very rare that any 2 training plans are the same so you can be sure that what you receive is clinically personalised to you, something that isn’t true of following premade exercise videos online.

Whether this treatment is right for you does depend on your reason for using SW Health & Wellbeing. For athletic recovery as part of your training program, it is hard to beat the manual techniques selected for you. However, for injury advice and overcoming long standing conditions, a full management strategy of exercises, stretches, pacing and information on your condition is considered best practice. The virtual approach is truly versatile and you will be amazed how thorough an appointment can be delivered without being in the same room. Furthermore, your treatment plan will be exactly the same as if we were face to face so it is a win-win situation for injury and long term condition management.

It has been quite evident that a lot of us have put our own health on the back burner whilst dealing with the other challenges that this pandemic has thrown at us. Your health and wellbeing is very important and perhaps, without the distractions of normal life you are now thinking about addressing the aches and pains that have been causing a problem. Click here for the price list or use the contact page to book your appointment.