Post Event Massage

For the last 3 seasons SW Health & Wellbeing has braved all weathers and provided quality Sports Massage to those even braver who have completed a variety of events. Having taken part in some of the toughest cycling challenges myself, I understand how it feels to cross the finish line and how the unfolding days usually feel!

Why should I chose it?

The benefits of Sports Massage following a large volume of exercise is widely proven due to aiding the bodies natural system of recovery. The majority of people who have used it notice a reduction in muscular soreness the next day and improved mobility. This is very useful to return to training much sooner after an event. Avoid the day after feeling!

What events will you be at?

In short, only the best events in the South West! SW Health & Wellbeing is partnered with Just Events who have organised some the best events in the south west, cycling training and holiday camps in this country and abroad! If you haven’t seen what they have to offer yet, let yourself be tempted by heading over to now!

Contactless payment is now available as well as cash payments.

My events calendar is frequently updated with where I’m going to be, whether for events or pop up clinics. Make sure to like my page on Facebook or join the mailing list to be kept up to date with new events as well as free articles that I frequently release for free which includes lots of rehab advice.