Sports Massage


Sports massage is a form of massage specifically aimed at helping reinstate a balance of strength and movement within your body and help to support your body through its natural repair process. Treatment may be recommended if you have had a recent injury or if it has been a long standing issue that refuses to shift. Whether you participate in sport or not, the techniques used are adapted to your specific needs. 

The full list of conditions that can be improved by sports massage is too long to mention but some common issues treated by Sports Massage are Lower Back Pain, GTPS, Plantar fasciitis, Muscle Strains or Tears, Ligament or Tendon Sprains. 

Before booking in every appointment, you will be asked what your problem area is and we can asses whether treatment would be beneficial or whether you need to see another health care professional instead. A full screening of the condition will be completed during the initial appointment for any red flags or if treatment is not recommended. If this is the case then you will not be charged for this session as your safety is the most important factor.

For further information on whether sports massage can help your injury or sporting performance please click on these links. If you want to speak to me directly please email or use the form in the Contact SW Health & Wellbeing section.