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Covid Update and Discounts!

Hello all and I hope that you are all keeping as well as you can in this year which keeps on challenging us all far more than we thought possible. I must say how much I have missed running SW Health & Wellbeing and the buzz that was created from meeting you all and the results you gained from treatment. 

As you are probably aware, I haven’t been able to deliver any part of my business throughout the pandemic due to my responsibilities in my NHS role which have had to take priority. During the past few weeks, as things were looking a little quieter, I have been working hard on making SW Health & Wellbeing ready for what 2021 may hold and also what it can offer now in this moment of uncertainty. 

I am a true believer that hard work will always pay off so it is important to remain positive and believe that the dots will join up eventually. So, following my own advice, I have some positive news 

As you can see, SW Health & Wellbeing is now online at for all of your rehab and exercise therapy needs! Whilst you are here please do take a look around. There is information about what treatments are on offer including both virtual and face to face options (when this is possible again). There will also be free articles appearing throughout the winter on how to minimize your risk of injury and become more robust whilst on the bike or running.  

As a thank you to you all who have supported me so far in SW Health & Wellbeing’s journey the news gets even better! 

I am offering a 20% discount for anyone who I have treated before who would like to use the new virtual rehab service for treatment or advice. Follow this link to the page for more information  or email me at to book your appointment. For you this will be just £24 rather than the normal £30 for your first appointment.

We have seen how businesses rely on the support of kind people who want to see the businesses they use survive. If you or anyone you know could benefit from rehab treatment then please do direct them to SW Health & Wellbeing and help support a local business! 

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